Appointment Cancellation Policy

 For Private Treatments we have the following policy : 

We understand that from time-to-time the patient or the Dental Surgeon may not be able to keep an appointment. We have the following Policy for Cancellation


We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If you fail your appointment or cancel ( for whatever reason) with less than 24 hours notice then a £20 Charge will be payable.



If we cancel a patient's appointment with less than 24 hours notice ( we will send sms message or e mail or phone as provided to us) then we will credit your future treatment plan with us with £20, provided that treatment plan is within 12 months of the cancellation and there has been no change of management on our side.


We are serious about providing you with Professional Dental Care and fully respect your time.

For NHS Treatments 

If a patient fails to attend an appointment or gives less than 24 hours notice of intent to cancel then we may not be able to offer future NHS appointments.